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          机械液压工程师 Senior Mechanical Hydraulic Engineer

          • 更新时间:2021-06-05
          • 学历:本科
          • 工作地点:天津市-东丽区
          • 语言要求:英语
          • 工作年限:3-5年
          • 招聘人数:4
          • 月薪:0-0元
          • 性质:外资企业

          As a Senior Engineeryou are responsible for the assembly and construction of new build projects andproviding technical service to clients. You will give instruction of externaloperating and maintenance personnel following the installation of complex projects.In this role you will report to the ServiceOperation Manager.


          Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

          • analyzing and assessing customer requirements relating to products and processes (materials, process, quality, product specifications) and performing initial opportunity and risk analyses
          • setting up and completing 3D models of the construction, systems, equipment and procedures based on relevant information and specifications
          • examining drawings for consistency in line with specifications, missing information, readability and user-friendliness and, where needed, adjusting or elaborating upon the documents and system information  
          • providing input for detailed planning, calculating weight and technical details, and determining specifications for work to be outsourced
          • identifying and evaluating bottlenecks and making suggestions for improvement, and monitoring implementation after approvalDiscuss/coordinate activities and make working arrangements with the Service Operation Manager
          • Collect tools and materials needed for the work
          • Examine installations on defects
          • Preventative and/or corrective maintenance of existing installations in accordance with specifications, work instructions, safety requirements and/or technical drawings
          • Assemble, test and fine-tune new or existing installationsaccompanied with a complete test report
          • Training of clients/end users on how to operatethe installation(s)

          ·        Liaisewith in-house specialists to resolve problems that occur during installation;maintenance, overhaul or repair, if needed

          ·        Afterconclusion of activities either return remaining materials to warehouse ordispose of remaining materials, as agreed with supervisor

          ·        Forproject accounts keep records of:

          -       hours worked

          -       materials used to keep track of the cost

          -      invoicesfor work on location

          ·        Keep(part of the) project administration for service projects up-to-date withregards to certificates.

          ·        Prepareand submit status reports to all involved parties.



          ·        Higher level of technical education;

          ·        Minimum of five years relevant workexperience;

          ·        Able to write and speak the English languagewell;

          ·        Able to work independently, full ofinitiative and accurate;

          ·        Service-oriented, solution-oriented, stressresistant with good communication skills;

          ·        Offshore experienceis highly regarded;

          ·        Good understanding of Physics e.g. working with pressure related systems andsafety;

          ·        Able to work with various hand, electrical and measuring tools;

          ·        Specific Naval mechanical and/ or electrical knowledge is highlyregarded;

          ·        Experience with hyperbaric systems, pressure vessels, decompressionunits, life-support equipment and breathing apparatus/ systems such as SCUBA,SSE, Life Support etc.;

          ·        Experience with working with calibrators such as DPI 610, DPI 800 etc.;

          ·        Knowledge of specific standards and regulations, such as SWOD, IMCA, SIR,Lloyds, DNV, etc.

          ·        In the possession of Offshore certificates, such as BOSIET, HUET etc.;

          ·        Preferably in the possession of a driving license.

          ·        Previous working experience working in the China highly regarded.


          What do we offer?
          IHCoffers you the unique opportunity to work for a successful worldwide leader. Wealso offer you a challenging job within a successful and dynamic company, acompetitive salary and benefits package and a range of opportunities for furtherprofessional development.



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