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          生产准备 Work Preparation Planner

          • 更新时间:2021-06-05
          • 学历:本科
          • 工作地点:天津市
          • 语言要求:英语
          • 工作年限:1-3年
          • 招聘人数:1
          • 月薪:0-0元
          • 性质:外资企业

          Theprimary task of the Technical Work Preparation Planner is the technicalpreparation, planning and technical coordination of the service jobs. Theserelate to upgrades, refurbishments, and maintenance and component repairs,among others.

          Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

          • tailoring service jobs to support customer operations
          • consulting suppliers regarding scope of work (SOW) and technical contents
          • mentoring field service engineers in close consultation with the project coordinators
          • providing technical solutions and advice drawn from OEM expertise
          • identifying and formulating working methods, and operational sequences SOW for service activities worldwide, including those of our service centres  
          • estimating hours and MTO (materials to order)
          • completing technical files in the ERP system and PDM Teamcenter
          • collecting drawings and machine data linked to international and IHC standards
          • providing technical specifications according to contract or customer requirements 
          • arranging technical drawings and instructions for the efficient execution of work and material logistics
          • defining specifications, drawings, schemes, materials and sub-components in the ERP system
          • issuing technical purchase orders (proposals) to guide IHC's supply chain organisation
          • managing the inventory administration of tools, machinery, devices and technical documentation.




          Tobe eligible for this position, you must have the following profile:

          • higher professional level of education (bachelor or master) such as a mechanical engineering degree
          • at least one to three years of relevant work experience in a similar technical role in the maritime or shipbuilding industry
          • experience with MS Office and AutoCAD is required
          • excellent planning and organising skills, accurate, focused on solutions, stress resistant and a proactive team player
          • an excellent command of English

          What can we offeryou?


          Royal IHCoffers the suitable candidate the unique opportunity to work for a successfulworldwide leader. We also offer you a challenging job within a financiallysuccessful and dynamic company, a local labour contract, competitive salary andbenefits package and a range of opportunities for further professionaldevelopment.




          Are you interested in this position and do yourecognize yourself in the role, required skills and competencies? Please sendyour resume and a movitation letter with the following information: personalparticulars, educational background, work experience, current and expectedsalary and date of availability to:



          For more information about our organization pleasevisit our company website: www.royalihc.com



          Royal IHC does not approve of commercial,contractor and/or agency acquisition or commercial use of this advertisement.Proposing candidates without invitation is not appreciated and will not beconsidered by IHC.